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4. Longing for Greatness

There is something inside our heart that cries out to be crowned with greatness.

The struggle for greatness leads many people to less than holy attitudes when trying to satisfy their desires at any cost.

We want to be great exactly because we were created to be great.

Greatness is part of our divine calling. We have to be careful about trying to fulfill this yearning in the wrong way.

Let's look at God's promise to us regarding Greatness.

"But as it is written: The things that the eye did not see, and the ear did not hear, and which came not up into man's heart, are those which God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9

Let's look at some aspects of this Yearning for Greatness.

1. Jesus made us a promise.

"He who overcomes, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne; just as I have overcome, and sat with my Father on his throne. Revelation 3:21

God satisfies our desire for greatness by giving us a position of authority that surpasses even the highest angels.

In Romans 8:17 it says that we are “joint-heirs with Jesus”

"And to our God thou hast made us kings and priests; and we shall reign over the earth." Revelation 5:10

We need to prepare ourselves for this path of greatness, this makes us act in a totally different way than we would by nature, let's see what the bible says about it:

"It shall not be so among you; but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your servant; and whosoever will be first among you, let him be your servant; Matthew 20: 26.27

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this boy, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 18:4

The concept is completely different from what the world presents as the concept of GREATNESS.

Most people put all their energy into making themselves great in the eyes of others, or successful by recognizing their peers or associates, but God invites us to a life of service to others, that is true greatness.

2. We have an inheritance with God

There is a wealth that we possess in God because we are the object of his desire. We are his inheritance, we are those that the Father chose, we are His children, so because we are children we have an inheritance.

When we understand that we are Jesus' heritage, we begin to appreciate the fact that this great wealth belongs to us, a wealth that can never be taken away from us. A wealth that is guaranteed forever.

When we understand this richness, we acquire an unshakable stability within us because we understand our deep greatness before God.

3. Redirects our Will

This life is a stage for what is to come.

Roles of lesser value in the eyes of other people are nothing more than deep training for something even greater.

The skills we apply in small situations are very useful when we need to deal with much larger situations.

We cannot despise small beginnings.

Great men had small beginnings.

"And he said unto him, Well done, good servant, for at least thou hast been faithful, thou shalt have authority over ten cities." Luke 19:17

Seek to do everything with excellence.

4. Exercise your loyalty

The main factor in determining greatness is loyalty.

Fidelity to the call of God's present moment for your life.
God is writing a story of greatness in our lives, no matter what time we are going through.
Be faithful to God at all times.

Being faithful also means resisting Self-Promotion.

"But many first shall be last, and many last shall be first." Matthew 19:30

So the last will be first, and the first last; for many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 20:16

Many people live like thieves, stealing honors and living an undeserved greatness.

Decide to do your best faithfully to God to live as someone destined to be a king in the next age, demonstrating humility to all people in all situations.

Greatness is your destiny. The greatness of God.

Based on the book: 7 yearnings of the human heart - Mike Bickle


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