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7 longings of the human heart - Introduction

We have intense desires within us that we cannot escape.
These yearnings are inherent in our human nature.
As we understand the fact that the origin of these yearnings is in God, we begin to cooperate with them according to His Will.

What is a yearning?

It is not a superficial desire that can be satisfied by a simple act of kindness.
It is not a genuine desire that we can demand that we be satisfied.


It is a PAIN in the heart, an empty space in the spirit crying out to be filled.
It's located in the gap between emotion and genuine need.


Yearning is an intangible feeling that fluctuates like the tides, yet it is a concrete reality that cannot be discussed, denied, or dismissed. She is there with you…

Because we are the image and likeness of God, he placed in us genuine longings that only he can fulfill, it is our link with God that we lost because of the sin in Eden.

We were made for Him.

In this series of messages we will study the following concerns:

1. Longing To Be Appreciated By God;
2. Longing to Be Fascinated by Something;
3. Longing to be Beautiful;
4. Longing to be Great;
5. Longing for Intimacy without Constraints;
6. Longing to have a Righteous and Passionate Heart;
7. Longing to Make a Deep and Lasting Impact;

The church for centuries had a wrong reference about these longings thinking that they were sins and that the human being would need to repent, we cannot repent and be freed from these longings, but we can satisfy them fully in God.

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust him, and he will.” - Psalm 37:5

We cannot fall into the temptation to seek to satisfy these cravings in the wrong way, for they will not satisfy us.

But when we seek the right way to supply these longings in God, He will make us victorious in our hearts and able to resist wrong ways that lead to shame and false satisfaction in our fallen nature.

These yearnings are within the realm of our soul, so they are eternal and enduring.

Based on the book: 7 Longings of the Human Heart - Mike Bickle


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